Dutch Doors

turquoise dutch door
dutch door
kitchen dutch door
laundry room dutch door
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Pointed Toe Flats


Did anyone else know that Victoria's Secret has super cute shoes? To be honest, I've only ever bought one thing from their clothing line and it was years agothis hideously bright yellow jacket that I naively thought I could pull off just like the model in the photo, only to end up looking like a character on Sesame Street. It was so awful that I've always just tossed their catalogue when it comes in the mail. But now, after browsing their site and seeing these flats, I'm beginning to think I've been missing out all these years! Anyway, these caught my eye since they're on sale right now for $49, so thought I'd pass it along.

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Minimal Design

Location: Paris
Owner: architect & designer Joseph Dirand
herringbone floors
+ vintage Ettore Sottsass kitchen table

minimal kitchen
+ photograph above sink by Francois Halard // side note: Halard is an amazing interiors photographer - more of his work in this beautiful book here

neutral grey living room
+ bronze wall sconce (in mirror reflection) by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for Azucena

+ coffee table by Ron Arad // cube stool by Le Corbusier // vintage furniture by Pierre Jeanneret // painting by Lawrence Carroll

In the photo below, the bathroom sink is slanted slightly down toward the faucet, allowing for the water to drain without the need of a basin. I'm not sure how practical this is, but it looks beautiful: 
minimal bathroom
 + faucet set by Waterworks (The Henry Collection

photos by Simon Watson for The New York Times Style Magazine

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